Our core business is energy project development. We bring ideas, energy, technology and capital and ask for local guidance to use these resources most effectively. With that guidance, we search for sites that align the interests of the landowner, neighborhood, utility, and project finance community. Our goal is to help communities grow stronger through infrastructure development. The corners we do not cut today, make our future projects easier to find, permit, finance, operate, and live next to tomorrow.

We specialize in prospecting, designing and permitting solar projects. We develop a project from origination through to ownership and operation. At the outset of an opportunity, we work with local stakeholders, construction companies and financiers to design projects that are simple to permit, finance and build; nice to neighbors with and profitable to own.

Bright Lite internally performs site acquisition and off-take arrangement, works with engineering firms to permit the project and financial partners to close financing. Finally, we work with EPCs to ensure that financiers capitalize on the details we designed in for a smooth construction process.

This is our style of infrastructure development.