We work with project finance partners from the earliest stages of our development initiatives.

We have jointly found it effective in the past to communicate likely investment criteria, targets rates of return, and probable build costs so that we tune our prospecting models to reflect that of our likely financier’s objectives and make decisions in the field that reflect said objectives. It’s a better way for us to deploy our time and development capital, and our financing partners to secure reliable, credible deal-flow of easy to finance projects.

Our deals are clean. There’s tens of thousands of potential sites for energy projects and are prospecting algorithms eliminate all the but the perfect ones. We¬†try to develop several near-identical projects in a given jurisdictional area to avoid learning different regulations for each site. This saves our financing partners due diligence time and transaction costs. Several sites close by also enable the possibility of single construction mobilizations, decreasing construction risk.


If you are interested in one of our sites under development and/or would like to point us towards a market you are looking for deal flow in, we’d be pleased discuss matters further.

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