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Solar works to supplement the income of active family farms.

It’s our pleasure to work with you to design and develop a competitive project that fits you and your neighbor’s needs. There’s nothing more rewarding to us than going into the field with you and your neighbors after work around sunset and designing a project, panel by panel, to then see you happy when that exact design is built.

Because we target perfect sites with plenty of room to work with, we can be creative in designing the project to fit your needs. There’s plenty of stories of us moving panels around for tractors to get through, future ice cream stands to built, or neighbors that didn’t want to see the project from their front steps or kitchen window.

View from closest neighbor's driveway. The knoll at the street was used to block ~95% of the project from view when standing in driveway and on the front steps.

View from closest neighbor’s driveway. The knoll at the street was used to block ~95% of the project from view when standing in driveway and on the front steps.

For sites without onsite power load, we typically lease a portion of the property from the landowner over a 25-year period. We prefer leasing to purchasing as we want to see the site revert back to local control should the project not be re-powered after it’s useful service life. Furthermore, the leasing provides a steady flow of income for landowners, helping them maintain their additional landholdings, especially preserving any undeveloped land for agricultural and recreational use. For Property Owners For Property Owners with onsite power load, especially those who are or have creditworthy entities onsite, we lease space from property owners to build renewable energy assets and arrange power purchase agreements with the onsite user to offset their electric bills.

Working With Communities

We enjoy working hard to be good neighbors. Anyone will tell you we get fired up about it. We don’t propose projects that we wouldn’t want to live next to ourselves in the same capacity. In all seriousness, that Golden Rule thing helps our bottom line. Permitting meetings that end in approval in 20-minutes are inexpensive, easy to perform due diligence on during financing. The legwork and transparency we put into working with the community at the outset of development pays in the long run. During the development and operation of the project, our communication is frequent and casual. Chances are, you will have our cell phone numbers. If you don’t already, just ask. We take engineering, design, optimization, and the little details of our landowner’s and neighbor’s input incredibly seriously. We find that more effective than focusing on cold glossy leaflets, stock photos, dry cleaning, or sleep. If you a have any questions about one of our projects, please reach out to us using the contact form on this site or call us at 617-939-9252. We’ll get right back to you.

Thanks! -Greg (President, BrightLite Energy)

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